The last magic sunset!

Our project couldn't finish better... All the team went to the beach where we had our last session, last words, thoughts, plans for the future, collaboration, reflexion and of course delivery of youthpass! Was the best way to say not goodbye but see you soon because throughout this week many projects and ideas came up... Continue Reading →


#EVSmatters campaign

The EVS Turn on team was divided in 3 groups that were to conquer Faro and its University in order to promote the EVS programme, as well as, the experience of each ex-volunteer. The groups had a preparation time were together they thought about activities and ways to get the populations’ attention. One group went... Continue Reading →

Today is the day!

Good Morning! Today is the day for promoting EVS. Our group separated in teams is exchanging ideas and preparing the promotion of our campaign in Faro streets.. So if you will be around Penha, Gambelas, Forum and Baixa don't hesitate and approach us to learn more! See you in some hours...

It’s time to create…

Aaaand here we are! At the day when we actually had to put in action all our ideas for creating the video and the booklet with our magical EVS stories! The day started with some pretty cool energizers making a pizza on the other's back and more more more... So the energy and the time... Continue Reading →

Sharing is…..learning!

Aaaaa rumpumpum...! Wake up everybody and take up as much energy as you can because today is the day of sharing our EVS stories! Moments of fun or moments when you get goose bumps. In every single story we heard during the morning we could find at least a bit of our experience... the challenges... Continue Reading →

Discovering who we are…

6th of October we officially started our amazing experience with "EVS Turn On" Seminar in Faro, Portugal. Just from the very beginning our schedule was about to get to know other participants and build the team. It was challenging to get to know all of the names but Icebreaker games helped us a lot. We... Continue Reading →

Hello Again…we are back!

  The second activity of our project "EVS Turn ON" just started! Participants arrived, from far far away in the, still very hot, city of Faro! And you know how it starts... names! We all have to know each others names and the best way is the creative way. This is how the first session... Continue Reading →

Day 6. Sharing day!

Even if the heat is more than 30 degrees in Faro today, participants working hard! During the morning session the job of the previous day was done:  to clarify important aspects about the actors involved in EVS projects. And it does not matter your role, time by time everybody makes mistakes. So during the morning... Continue Reading →

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