It’s time to create…

Aaaand here we are! At the day when we actually had to put in action all our ideas for creating the video and the booklet with our magical EVS stories!


The day started with some pretty cool energizers making a pizza on the other’s back and more more more… So the energy and the time came to have our brainstorm, organize the structure by completing some tasks in small groups.


Later, we had to be 2 teams. One responsible for the video and another for the booklet. Both of them worked the whole day dedicated and with much motivation. Some writing stories sitting next to the sea, some recording exEVS’s in the old Faro or wherever inspiration could be.

IMG_8248IMG_8238Many discussions, conclusions, debates came up. At first there were teamwork and leading issues that after patience, communication and open horizons found a way to make it work.

Many ideas and glorious moments followed during the afternoon. All in one as working in so big groups had a challenging affect! The evening found us at our usual restaurant having dinner, drinking wine and catching up what newer.

The bond is here, the night is young! Cheers to us people!

Congrats to each of us and keep up the good work!

Written by: Savvoula&Katia


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