#EVSmatters campaign

The EVS Turn on team was divided in 3 groups that were to conquer Faro and its University in order to promote the EVS programme, as well as, the experience of each ex-volunteer. The groups had a preparation time were together they thought about activities and ways to get the populations’ attention.

One group went to Penha’s Campus. Their imagination helped them catch the students’ attention with inspirational phrases of the whole team.

These sentences were hanged on a tree in the campus in order for everyone to see them and to be curious about these amazing stories and opportunities. Also each member of the group served as a Human Library where the students could ‘research’ about the conditions of the programme, as well as the team’s experience.

Another group went to Gambela’s campus. Their strategy was to get the students’ attention with a fotobooth concept based on a EVS theme. Turned out that the students were strongly interested on the programme, so each member was able to share his/her experience with the students. All in all, our own experience has been the best claim, rather than any marketing strategy.

The last group, but not the least one, was working around the old city center of Faro. How do we get to draw people’s attention? Funny and crazy paper hats! Since we had such a big group of people, many locals came over us in order to know what was going on. Then, we only had to show our enthusiastic perspective about EVS. As other participants told us, we were definitely successful: there were people wearing our hats even some time later! In the end, we can say that as a team we were all able to make EVS visible to the local population.

Written by: Vanessa&Borja



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